This case is outside my jurisdiction.

Joe is listening to the radio.

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Thank you, Shai, but I'm okay now.

Smoking affects your health.

There's no ice, and in any case it's too cold today for iced tea.


Do you have any plans to come back to Boston?

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I can drive you.


It's a mistake that anyone can make.


She joined the navy after finishing college.


She's a big teaser.

Leif told Murat that he was depressed.

I can't believe Kemal is really that upset.


We love her.

I'm tired of dealing with this problem.

You can't prove anything.

There can be no great accomplishment without risk.

I cannot advise Stan. He never listens to me.

You can say that again.

His face was enlightened by happiness.

You won't leave me, will you?

They sat under the pergola.

The methods of communication are determined by their cultures.

John hates me and it shows.


I need children's fever medicine.

The tail of a fox is longer than that of a rabbit.

Maybe you should stop reading romance novels.

I'm pretty sure that Saul doesn't want to talk to you.

Merton has a southern accent.

The police arrested the wrong man.

OMG, the volcanic eruption was HUGE!

No one takes her seriously.

You should be with me.

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It was expected.


What should we do with these holey socks?


The latter half of the drama was a little dull.


What could be more important than this?

One and a half years have passed since I started to learn Chinese.

She made up her mind to go to America.

I'll leave that to you.

Is everyone still alive?

The textile industry will adapt to a market of free competition in the coming years.

Charlene must've been suspicious.

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We are inseparable, somehow immortal.

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Jennifer couldn't answer my question.

If I ever turn into an alcoholic, I'll surely go on vacation to Antalya.

I'll flip you for it.


You don't look sick to me.

The house is not occupied now.

I think Ray is insane.

The chief engineer did research hand in hand with his assistant.

I'm looking for someone who can babysit on Monday night.

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I tell ya, you're in deep trouble, my lad.


The house is built in European style.


I know you helped us.

One of the biggest problems in our modern society is that the people don't see the world as I do.

Niall isn't going to be able to work tomorrow.

It is doubtful whether he will accept my proposal or not.

He addressed the letter to his uncle.


I'm sorry, my dad is not at home.

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Tell him you're not ready.

My cat likes to roam at night.

I see someone waving a white flag.

As soon as he arrives, I'll tell him.

I'll be happy if you will come with me.

May all your dreams come true.

I disagree with you on the matter.


The baby seems to be asleep.


He is on a roll.

My boat ran aground on a sandbar.

Do you want to know why Saumya left?

Did you really talk to her?

I nearly fell into the pool.

What would I do if something happened to you?

We'll manage without it.

Hans is a cancer survivor.

They tortured my father to death.

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Grab it!

I can't make them happy.

I want you to help.

We found a great restaurant.

The wedding was moved.

However, you have to queue...

Timo survived the accident relatively unscathed.


This chicken is fried well.

I abstain from alcohol.

The premier and his cabinet colleagues resigned.


The church sits on the outskirts of town.

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He and his father are like two peas in a pod.

How do you make that?

I watched her leave.


The administration decided to move the home office of the company to Hawaii.

Helen did me a good turn.

Does he go to school early?

Sanjay has really outdone himself this time.

I'd like to thank you all for coming today.

No one believes anything Lori says.

I've known Connie since we went to school together.

Let me tell them.

Keep it down, will you?


Send it by airmail.

They were hostile to any attempts at rapprochement.

Turtles are reptiles.


I know your father very well.

I am so happy that I met you.

Taro Ito was found guilty.

Would you like me to help you do that?

I didn't say I was going.


We're thieves.

Tourists have increased in number.

Can't we go with Andreas?

"Should I know her?" I asked. "I don't think so," he replied slowly, while watching carefully for my reaction.

Show me your right hand.

Wow, that was good.

Have you ever brushed your teeth?

Don't you think it might be a bit too expensive for us to buy?

Ernest will turn thirty in October.

What time do you leave for school?

Man invented the atomic bomb, but no mouse would ever have thought to build a mousetrap!

My brother died in a traffic accident.

I see no reason why I shouldn't put it into practice.

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William the Conqueror occupied England in 1066.

I'd like to put something in the hotel safe.

I am kneading the dough.


Art can't take care of himself.

You've been there.

I feel a lot better now, but I know Dad's going to be real upset.


The dog buried a frozen burrito in the yard, but only halfway into the ground.

There has been an accident.

Jeffie had a huge smile on his face.


The kids suddenly become quiet.


She was nicely dressed.

When are you all going to start with your work?

I'm satisfied.


Norman noticed a wedding ring on Harris's finger.


Jerome sat on his father's lap.

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This purse is strawberry.


We actually didn't see the accident.


I'm sorry I'm late. It won't happen again.

You know that we don't have much time right now.

So that's why!

No man is without hypocrisy.

Andreas was lost.

I confirm my presence.

Dwayne is leaving at 2:30.

I took off my sweater because it got warmer.

As is often said, it is difficult to adjust yourself to a new environment.

I am not sure yet if I will go to a university or get a job.

Please wait until I come back.

I heard that a paralyzed man was eaten alive by maggots.

Why don't you just let Jarmo help?

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He is an able banker.

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Don't slam the door.

I'm going home. I've had enough of Tony.

That's what I promised.


I should've told Urs earlier.

He was single before.

If and when he arrives I'll pay.